We don’t have a rook problem

I’m writing in response to the Rothbury Parish Council article ‘Council considers cull of nuisance rooks’, Gazette, July 19.

It appears the parish council are now determined to make a point whatever, be it bird mess, bird sounds or the extremely remote potential health hazards presented by birds.

Mr Gilson says that 29 residents had come forwards to ask for something to be done about the rooks as opposed to six against.

This a mischievous misuse of ‘statistics’ – because a resident does not come forward (for whatever reasons), it means that he or she is in favour of a rook cull. Mr Gilson needs to correct his sums.

There are many more of us Rothbury residents who are on the side of the trees and rooks of Rothbury than he would perhaps be prepared to admit. For example, my husband and I have not been consulted by Mr Gilson or anyone else from the parish council on the subject.

Those who complain about early morning bird ‘noise’ should be reminded that this is the country where such sounds, raucous or otherwise, are completely normal and natural.

If such folk are unhappy about these sounds perhaps they should move to a ‘quiet’ inner city environment.

Finally, if the parish council intends going ahead with a rook cull with legal authorisation, I hope notices will be displayed around the village notifying residents of this shameful and very sad proposal.

Names and address supplied