WALK: Brave soldiers deserved more

All through the summer months whenever you go out, someone passes comment about the length of the grass in the area, and how when walking dogs, people are finding it difficult to find their dogs in it because of this.

When approaching the council about this problem we were told that it does not have the funding to carry out all the grass cutting and therefore can only cut grass where absolutely necessary.

It was rather nice then last week to find the council out and about cutting back grass verges and overhanging trees, which have been a nightmare for buses and HGV lorries.

And why? Because the Tour of Britain bike race was coming through our town.

The last time it took so much pride in our town was when the Olympic Torch came through, and it even re-surfaced the main road.

What a pity then that it could not have made more of an effort when the Walking With The Wounded soldiers came through our town.

I found it very humbling when I saw them, and even walked part of the way with them, and the number of people who stopped me to ask what was happening was very sad to say the least.

There was, however, a small group of people waiting at the town square to welcome them, but it would have been nice to have seen a few more and maybe a banner or two just to let them know that we appreciated what they had done.

After all, they had fought for our country and risked their own lives to do so and came through it all with life-changing injuries. I, for one, salute them.

Wendy Boyd,

Beal Bank,