Wake up and smell the ozone

I find myself bemused by Coun Jeff Watson’s statement ‘There are no deprived areas between Warkworth and Seahouses, get further south towards Amble and beyond you have got a bit of social deprivation.’

I have had the privilege of spending the majority of my adult life in Northumberland, living in Warkworth, Amble and Low Hauxley.

I understand the term social deprivation has a myriad of definitions however I strongly feel that none of them apply to either Amble or Hauxley.

Having once had my own business in Amble (for over 20 years), been involved in youth projects and a school governor I have not been aware of any social deprivation in these areas.

To the contrary, Amble has flourished over the years in the face of many adversities brought upon mainly by national rather than local issues.

The article itself was referring to house prices and my current well-informed information is that Hauxley and Amble coastal properties are more than holding their own.

Visit Amble and forget the coffee, wake up and smell the ozone. I think you will find there is no deprivation here!

Lynda Sweeney

Bay View