Wake up Alnwick, your heart is dying

I WAS brought up in Alnwick for the first 16½ years of my life, when I joined the Army. I have, though, maintained regular links with visits to the town.

It appears to me that all the restrictions being proposed for the heart of Alnwick are heading in one direction, a dying heart.

Wake up Alnwick, look at Morpeth, a more vibrant town.

Parts of Alnwick, such as Fenkle Street, have been suffering a slow decline once the Post Office and major retailers moved out.

Alnwick is expanding outwards with more houses and major retail outlets, but the heart is slowly dying and is being assisted in this action by Northumberland County Council and some local people, who should really know better.

Just parking cars in the Market Place is not the real answer but it does one thing, it brings people into the centre of the town.

Parking up on the cobbles is all right for able-bodied shoppers but is less than satisfactory for older or disabled people and mothers with children, who are all major spenders.

It is especially difficult in bad weather.

It is economic suicide to exclude these shoppers and those who want to make it a sterile area.

The Market Place has always been at the heart of the town over the centuries.

Why, its very name should give a clue, Market Place. Even I can remember it being a bus station.

Take note from Morpeth – their bus station is light years ahead, yet Alnwick’s is another poor advertisement for the town.

We have in Alnwick more historic buildings and a better layout than Morpeth.

It is impressive from passing the column/station thereon and it behoves itself to someone with imagination to develop a historical theme to attract instead of double yellow lines, who would that attract?

There seems to be a resignation to allow the beating heart of the town to be further attacked.

The occasional food fairs and market day is not the answer, it has to be allowed to breathe and local people clearly want it to park cars.

Are local residents now allowed a say? I am concerned about my town.

Cyril Cox,

Melness Road,

Hazelrigg, Newcastle