VILLAGE PUB: Use it or lose it, that’s the deal

The Black Bull at Lowick
The Black Bull at Lowick

Whilst I agree with Anne Wrangham (Gazette letters, February 19) that the village asset should be saved, she makes comment that it is under threat of closure. The problem is ­it’s closed!

Read Anne Wrangham’s letter here

Listening to a debate in Parliament for a Bill to protect pubs as village assets won’t do any good at all,­ a complete waste of time and taxpayers’ money.

What will make a difference is if all those people who want to save the village pub actually got off their backsides and went to the pub!

It’s not the big companies to blame, it’s lack of customers that cause the closure. They are not charities, the landlord works 70/80 hours a week and wants a wage.

If the village wants an ‘asset’, then the village must support it. So, stop moaning, get your coat on and go and have a drink and a chat with your friends and neighbours at the local ­ and save it.