VEHICLES: Don’t hog the chargers

Here in Alnwick we are blessed with two rapid chargers for our fairly recently purchased Nissan Leaf, one at Greenwell Lane car park and one at the Sports Centre.

When we first charged in town we could always drive straight on and charge. However, there has been a large increase in the number of local Nissan Leafs, and also in hybrid cars, such as the Mitsubishi, I think it is an Outlander model.

Mostly, electric vehicle (EV) drivers are very helpful and if you are waiting they will move as soon as they are charged.

Tonight, we had the opposite situation.

We arrived at Greenwell Lane on the way to a council meeting at 6.45pm with only 10 miles’ range on the clock. There was a white, 15 registered Mitsubishi on the station so we left a note saying would he be kind enough to connect ours up when he was finished.

We returned at 9pm. The Mitsubishi was still connected and he had locked it to his vehicle so no one else could use it.

The real issue is, of course, that the Nissan Leaf is only electric powered, the other car has a petrol engine and does not need to sit on the charger for this length of time.

If this had happened to someone travelling through and desperate to charge in Alnwick they would be completely stumped.

I am just asking that all EV drivers consider their fellow motorists when charging.

Sue Allcroft,

By email.