Unfair system of payment

Consumers beware.

We receive our natural gas from British Gas and, as all of you are probably aware, the prices have increased yet again.

To add insult to injury, Ofgem has, in its wisdom, apparently ordered British Gas to stop awarding customers who pay cash on a quarterly bill a small discount?

Customers choosing to pay the bill upon receipt will no longer be eligible for this ‘prompt payment’ discount.

However, the direct-debit system of paying will continue to receive a discount, paying much less than cash-paying customers. How can this be fair?

Not all people chose to use direct debit, especially as it has recently been announced that the companies have been found to be ‘holding’ customers direct debit over-payments, which unacceptably add up to large sums of money.

Finally, to dig the knife in even deeper, the two-tier charge for British Gas has also been scrapped, yet it is surely simple enough to understand.

A cheaper tariff kicks in after a certain amount of fuel is consumed so we all lose out as there is only one tariff allowed now – the expensive one?

The so-called fixed price recently offered carries an extra five per cent tariff unit rate p/Kwh for customers, so please read all the small print prior to committing to anything.

Eileen Robinson,

Yetlington Farm,