Unfair fuel prices

I’m writing with regard to the recent budget and the fiasco of 1p off petrol. It’s been reported widely today on BBC Radio Newcastle that several garages have increased the price by 1p. One garage reportedly put the price up at one minute to six last night then reduced it back again.

I’m not an MP, I’m not a rocket scientist, but it doesn’t take too much working out that absolutely everything in this country depends on fuel. The reason food prices are screaming up is because the price of diesel is screaming up. The same goes for everything else in this country.

I do realise that every 1p in duty represents something like £500million in annual revenue. Duty on fuel at the moment is in excess of 80p per litre.

Most families need their own transport, much the same as most folk needed horses to get around in the past. Dick Turpin was one of the prolific culprits in relieving folk of their hard-earned cash then.

If you and your coalition partners really, really wanted to boost the economy then make any fuel reduction meaningful. Much lower fuel prices would put more money in the pockets for people who could buy goods at less than they presently cost. Meaningful means halving the duty for this to work.

Finally, I have a question for you.

Why is it that a litre of diesel fuel in most areas of the EU is a few euros cheaper than a litre of petrol? Five years ago, a litre of diesel in this country was a few pence cheaper than a litre of petrol. What (or who) is responsible for this unfair reversal?

People are really starting to ask questions and they’re not just about this coalition. They’re also about the effectiveness or ineptness of the political parties involved.

John Stevens

By email