Ukip views to be aired as well

Nigel Coghill-Marshall, UKIP prospective parliamnetary candidate for the Berwick constituency.
Nigel Coghill-Marshall, UKIP prospective parliamnetary candidate for the Berwick constituency.

For the second time in recent weeks, an article has appeared in the Gazette purporting to represent the views of all the candidates standing for election in the Berwick upon Tweed constituency.

This time an article reporting the opinions of candidates on the effect of Scottish independence on the constituency was incomplete.

Again, I was not afforded the courtesy of an opportunity to comment. By the time that this letter is published the die will be cast and the result due, if not known.

It was a disservice to your readers, not to give me the chance to tell them how I feel about the consequences of a decision that will profoundly affect them and their descendants. I will now await the outcome before making my views known, but needless to say, the effect of a yes vote will extend far beyond our area and region.

There are already signs that this campaign will deteriorate into one of rancour.

The other three parties are publishing literature in which they refer only to other members of the triumvirate. A sort on mutual antipathy society as they seek to ignore the presence of the interloper Ukip. But Ukip will not go away, neither will I. The electorate will decide which of us deserves to win and which others deserve to lose.

Unwittingly perhaps, this article mirrors that attitude by not permitting me to add my views; views with which many may well disagree perhaps, but they are worthy, for the sake of the electorate to be aired.

At a public meeting in Belford on Tuesday, September 12, I made a public promise and pledge to fight this campaign on issues, principles and policies. I repeat that pledge. Unequivocally.

The days of Ukip being seen as a pressure group, interested only in the EU and Immigration are over.

The decision of Douglas Carswell, one of the most intelligent and original thinkers in the Conservative Party to join Ukip is significant. That he feels comfortable joining Ukip shows that we are without any question, a serious political force with serious ideas to contribute to the political debate.

Should Scotland decide to leave the United Kingdom, new political ideas will be needed, potentially even a new constitutional arrangement. Ukip will have much to say on the subject.

The integrity shown by Carswell in deciding to fight a by-election has already caused an earthquake.

Should he win Clacton as the polls suggest, we expect a further avalanche of membership requests from disenchanted supporters of the other parties. At our meeting last week and at the stall that we operated in the market square in Alnwick last Saturday we recruited several new members.

I invite anyone who is considering joining to contact me on the branch email address shown below. I will be happy to meet personally with you to talk more about our policies and my philosophy. Ukip is the only party that is increasing its membership.

The branch meets on the second Tuesday of alternate months with the next meeting taking place in November in Berwick. Details nearer the time from

Please feel free to contact me.

Nigel Coghill-Marshall,

Ukip Prospective

Parliamentary Candidate,

Berwick upon Tweed

Editor’s note: The report did not claim to represent the view of all the candidates. It clearly stated ‘three of those bidding to become MP for Berwick’.