Two points!

TWO items in the current Gazette have prompted comments from me.

1. Well done indeed to Dan Waddington and his jam jar containing what appears to be £136 worth of two pound coins.

But, should we be making this into a competition? Those of us of modest means are happy to donate our bronze.

Every contribution counts and I feel some maybe put off by the “can you beat this?” attitude which could possibly result in giant jars.

2. Gordon Castle wishes that our Market Place should consist exclusively of cafés. How dull! Does he think Alnwick can sustain more café all year round? When the latest comes on line in Nanowgate, I can count 20 already. This does not include hotels and pubs or The Alnwick Garden.

How long will they all last? Wake up and smell the coffee, Gordon!

This is the real world of catering.

Eileen A Woodward,


Editor’s note: You are correct, the whole ethos of the Jam Jar Army is that every little helps and everyone can take part, whatever their means. But as every one of those pennies collected goes to charity, in this case, the much-needed HospiceCare North Northumberland, I don’t think introducing a small challenge will harm. The more money we can raise, the better.