Turning Japanese

AN honest letter on a tricky subject.

Ray Farnsworth admits that he wants nuclear power, as he is opposed to wind turbines.

There are echoes here of correspondence in the Northumberland Gazette in the 1980s, where he was one of the few voices who did not oppose nuclear power at Druridge.

He lives in hope. But not at Druridge Bay, as that battle has been lost already, he writes.

Where then? Further up the coast? How about Alnmouth or Beadnell? Bamburgh?

It would bring a few hundred well-paid jobs, he says. Oh dear – I can hear the outcry!

So maybe it would be alright to put it in south east Northumberland, among the deprived communities whose coal mines have been closed, and now are losing Alcan.

Great idea! Nice and close to centres of population. It shouldn’t be too hard to sort out evacuation plans ready for a Fukushima-type accident.

Bridget Gubbins,

Old Bakehouse Yard,