Turbines swallowing lovely views

The scenic landscape of Northumberland is rapidly disappearing.

The recent construction of the Wandylaw and Middlemoor windfarms north of Alnwick have changed the coastal strip for ever.

The view now from the coast around Seahouses to the Cheviots is blocked by towering turbines.

Just south of Alnwick, the Wingates windfarm now dominates what were magnificent views of Simonside and the Northumberland National Park.

Here in Newton near Corbridge, our southern horizon is now dominated by the six turbines of Kiln Pit Hill and the three of Boundary Lane, Whittonstall.

Such huge machines dominate the landscape and for us has turned a peaceful country view into one with an industrial setting.

Of even more concern are several wind turbine planning applications for farm -turbines near Hedley on the Hill and Fairley near Kiln Pit Hill.

These are no longer the traditional six to eight metres in height which fitted into the cluster of farm buildings but are now 40 to 50 metres high and are being placed well away from the farm buildings due to the noise they create.

If these are approved, it paves the way for every farm in Northumberland to have its own turbine and the destruction of the landscape.

We are fully aware of the energy crisis and are in favour of renewable energy and applaud schemes like the proposed Hexham hydro, sun panels and the use of heat pump technology for they are all unobtrusive and do not damage the landscape.

The Northumberland landscape is very important to us and many more people who think like us.

The proposed opencast planning application for Hoodsclose near Whittonstall is another example of damaging the Northumbrian countryside.

Somehow Northumberland has lost out and the planning system is supporting the destruction of the county rather than preserving and enhancing it. Perhaps it is not too late for those who care to voice their concerns and reverse the existing damaging policies.

Adrian and Wendy Hinchcliffe,