Turbines spoil the landscape


While selling cheese at Alnwick Farmers Market today we were in conversation with some visitors to the area.

They came from Derbyshire and said that it was beautiful where they lived but they suffer from light pollution being near to Manchester and they love the night skies here and the long, distant views.

We proudly told them of the Dark Skies project at Kielder and said that the slogan of the Tourist Board used to be ‘The Land of the Far Horizons’.

Their reply to this was that it should now be ‘The Land of the Ever Present Wind Turbines’.

They had been very disappointed to find that the view they usually most enjoy on visits here, looking from the coast inland towards Cheviot, is now spoilt by the proliferation of windfarms which completely dominate the landscape.

How much worse will this get if the proposed windfarms near Belford are allowed to go ahead?

I see that Coun O’Connell, who is an old friend of ours, had pointed out to Belford Parish Council that there was a monetary benefit in having windfarms in the area.

The amount on offer is a drop in the ocean compared to the destruction of our beautiful countryside, which sadly the county council seems reluctant to protect.

Please – enough is more than enough.