Turbines spoil landscape

Having recently returned home from a month in Hampshire, it was with some joy that I finally headed north from Newcastle through Northumberland.

The delight of homecoming was, however, partly dulled again by the sight of windfarms that persistently disturb and blemish the outstanding views within our prized county.

Merely two weeks ago, I drove from Winchester to Salisbury. I enjoyed the loveliness of the countryside’s undulating farmland, uninterrupted by a single turbine.

Reflecting upon this, I have to ask if the leaders and councillors of Hampshire care more for the beauty of their landscape and its horizons than do their counterparts in Northumberland?

Perhaps, the scenery and heritage of our own county deserves better; an authority, like Hampshire’s, that despite dubious political and environmental claims, truly believes in cherishing and valuing the charm, sanctity and majesty of place.

Noel Hodgson,

Old School House,