TURBINES: Landscape has been blighted

Barmoor Wind Farm
Barmoor Wind Farm

I am originally from Northumberland and now live in the south west.

The massive wind turbine building that has gone on along the coast has completely ruined the landscape.

I can’t believe this has been allowed in so many unspoiled places.

I am gutted.

There are so many blighted bits of the North East, why did you have to go and put them in view of Holy island and in the Cheviots?

I am certain that I will never come back now, as these special places will be preserved as a distant memory in my heart

It would be too disturbing to see what has been done.

So you have effectively ruined your tourist income so EDF and other foreign corporations richer.

They are remote from the effects of this insanity and the planners up in your area are a complete disgrace.

What can be done?

Remember who the planners are subservient to and hold these people to account in the elections.

June Bertram,

by email