Subsidies are a total waste of our money

Well done to Anne Marie Trevelyan and the new Government for scrapping the indefensible and economically-suicidal subsidies for hopeless wind turbines a year early as they said they would.

This news generated a massive response on the local BBC Newcastle radio phone-in programme on June 18. Anyone who listened to it heard the presenters of the show declaring they had received unprecedented levels of emails, texts and phone calls from people who did not support these industrial monsters. The overwhelming majority of callers were totally against them, despite a small handful of supporters, including two from wind turbine companies.

These people, unbelievably, and in the face of such massive opposition, still incredibly tried to claim that 60 per cent of people supported the billions of pounds of our money in subsidies they have been given. I do not know one person who still supports this failed venture, and that small handful of supporters sounded further detached from reality and public opinion than ever.

The pathetic sub two per cent of our energy needs coming from wind turbines that have so far cost us billions of pounds has finally been admitted to have been a total waste of our money.

Northumberland County Council please note.

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