Treat this as an opportunity, not a setback

LOOK to the future, the deed is done.

Outline planning permission has been granted for a supermarket on the Braid.

It is now time for the energy and expertise of everyone involved to be focussed on making sure that no opportunity is lost in maximising the benefits to Amble of increased shoppers and tourists.

When shopping in a soulless shed, who could resist a stroll to enjoy the variety of small specialist shops and eating establishments on Queen Street, perhaps followed by fish and chips and ice cream by the harbour.

The key is an inviting, attractive, well-maintained and well-signed pedestrian access from the Braid to Queen Street and the harbour. Perhaps part of the money allocated by the developer for improvements to the town should be used for this.

Had permission been granted for a supermarket on the industrial estate, this potential trade would have completely by-passed the town centre. This is an opportunity for Amble, not a setback.

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