TRANSPORT: Lorries don’t need a speed increase

The last three issues of the Gazette, have contained news regarding the A697 and accidents.

Three weeks ago it was a lorry off the road descending from Longframlington and blocking the route for hours.

Two weeks ago another, off the road again, near the Bridge of Aln.

Last week there was a death of a pedestrian near Wooler, suspected of being causedby a lorry.

There has been a lorry on the wrong side of the road at a bend over the Breamish on the A6342 causing a crash to a neighbours car.

Two weeks ago I also had a near miss thanks to a lorry exiting from Low Hedgeley onto the A697 without stopping, as I descended going south, and I was saved by the excellent modern breaks of the Subaru Forester.

This week I hear that the Government are going to raise the speed limit for lorries from 50mph to 60 on minor A roads.

Can we really have such a terrible Minister of Transport in Westminster?

The present lorries are too big for our small country roads. They are travelling near the road verges breaking down the Tarmac, causing holes which then enlarge.

There is such evidence on the A6342 at the corner by the bridge over the Breamish. Those holes are now so great it is frightening to drive a car across on what is a main route from Alnwick to Wooler.

The EU is about to make the size of the modern lorry even larger.

It is not possible for their drivers to see anyone – cyclist, pedestrian or horseman – alongside their vehicles.

It is extraordinary that while local representatives ask for a lower speed limit on the A697, the Government is about to raise speed limits for lorries and vans on the same road.

Anne Wrangham

by email