TRANSPARENCY: FOI Act is vital mechanism

Regarding the article on Freedom of Information Commission plan.

I too am very concerned that this new plan may indeed have the effect of turning the clock back.

The public have every right to know how Government operates and how its money is spent.

The Freedom of Information Act gave everyone (for the very first time) the right to ask questions of any public body with the certainty that they had by law to answer. It is our money, remember, they are handling.

As you yourself stated, the FOI Act is a vital mechanism of accountability which has transformed the public’s right to information and substantially improved the scrutiny of public authorities.

We all remember the MPs’ expenses scandal. It must, in my opinion, stay in its present format.

Transparency and accountability must be top priority for all public bodies, from Westminster down to parish councils.

If everyone who holds a public position is doing the right thing and performing to the best of their ability, they have nothing to fear.

Geraldine Costello,

Hillside East,