TOWNS: Nothing to fear from apathy

Narrowgate in Alnwick
Narrowgate in Alnwick

Is it Alnwick verses Morpeth?

Eileen Woodward, (Letters, January 29), is correct in saying direct comparison between the two towns is not possible because of the difference in size.

However, her most telling remark regarding Morpeth is, ‘that there is less rubbish about reflecting more respect for the town’.

Regarding shortage of money and the condition of the bus station, as I have previously observed in the Gazette, it is owned by a FTSE top 100 company with vast financial resources (Wm Morrisons).

Perhaps a peaceful boycott of its store might induce it to open its purse strings and do something about the ‘hovel’.

However, I suppose that in the face of an indifferent town council and the apathy of the vast majority of residents, it has nothing to fear.