TOILETS: It seems to be a waste of money

The public toilets in The Shambles in Alnwick town centre.
The public toilets in The Shambles in Alnwick town centre.

I would like to put across my opinion of the so-called updated public toilets in the Shambles in Alnwick.

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My husband and I are locals, my husband uses the toilets most times when we are out in Alnwick shopping.

What we cannot understand is why the toilets still have no hot or even warm water to wash your hands, and why the and driers blow out cold air.

What is the point in wasting money to neglect the most important things that needed to be sorted out.

Also he told me one of the sinks does not work. The updated tap is out of order.

Can someone from the council please make sense of this utter nonsense.

What a way to impress the tourists, the council can’t even get that right.

Just another point while I’m at it, I would love to know why someone in the council can’t find a way to fix the potholes so they are fixed properly.

Fill with cement first then put tar over them, or mix all the unwanted tyres into a mulch and put in first then the tar on top.

There has to be a way instead of spending the tax payers money constantly all the time to redo the holes year after year.

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