Today’s Vote: Faces to names

BEING concerned about this AV voting system it seems to me some study will need to be made so as to be able to recognise the belief in these candidates and since we rarely meet any of them only those involved in this area will know their value.

Many letters in Gazette being for yes, or no, show to me that the addressee belongs to some political party and will surely have an axe to grind. It makes me remember my father’s old saying, which was you will never hear a fishmonger shouting “rotten fish for sale.”

This AV system may well be a step in the right direction and unless we adopt some study regarding these candidates, however boring this may be, when polling day arrives and we are faced with these images before us in the booth to play political scrabble we can really only close our eyes and guess.

A clever explanation may be to say I’ve watched the world snooker championship in the past few days and I recognise all of the talent before me, being an interested person, but I’m sure there are a great amount of us who don’t know who Steve Davis is.

Stan Thompson,

Denwick View,

West Acres,