Time to think of Free Schools

When I read in the paper the reports of the failing schools of Northumberland and I thought of the demoralised teachers, worried parents and confused pupils, my response was a deep wish to promote the idea of founding a Free School based on the education principles of Rudolf Steiner.

These schools, often called Waldorf schools follow a curriculum which accompanies the child through the developmental stages in a creative, rhythmic, imaginative way which gives the teachers self-esteem, the pupils a joy in learning and the parents the involvement in their children’s education.

Such a school is not created by waving a magic wand but out of a group of people planting the seed.

I was a teacher in such a school and my sons attended the Edinburgh Steiner School.

We now have several Free Schools and academies in the UK based on these principles. Would there be an interest here in Northumberland?

Jenny Blayney,

High Buston,