Time to take note and vote accordingly

Scottish Referendum vote
Scottish Referendum vote

We in the northern borders have been bombarded with some very hurtful talk during the last month from Scotland.

We have been concerned as to what the future held for us if the Scots voted yes, but the message has been a series of accusations of our elitism, lack of compassion and putting a party they didn’t want in charge of the Scottish nation.

It dawned on me that if they were right about the last point then I have, on three occasions, suffered bad government from a party I had never voted for the other way round.

My daughter having a Scottish husband said if they don’t like us, why do they marry us, (true for many of my friends both sides of the border).

Wednesday, I then learnt about the Barnett formula when our party leaders Ed Milliband and Cameron, the Prime Minister, promised even more to the Scots than we, the English, receive and at that point, I hoped the Scots would vote yes.

You wonder why?

Well, the Barnett formula (which incidentally the founder Lord Barnett says should have stopped years ago) I heard gives £500 more to every Scots man woman and child of the taxes we pay than it does to us.

The result I calculated means that Northumberland receives £150million less than an equivalent border county the other side of the Tweed (since then I have heard the difference is £1,600 not £500).

That is more than the money Mr Pickles wants off our budget next year, so if we were treated equally we would not need such a cut back.

No wonder when I drive 15 miles north or west, the Scottish roads are suddenly immaculate instead of the minefield we suffer here.

The Conservative MPs have said they are not happy with this but the Labour MPs want to see us continue as we are while they give Scotland even more.

Labour says if anything is done then devolution should be given to the metropolis yet that would deprive the rural areas again.

The only hope I can see for us on the Borders is a new shire council of Cumbria and ourselves or, if that is a bit small, put us with the Lakes and give us the same powers as any metropolis.

It is very apparent all political parties have no regard for the rural areas that give them their food and will become more urgently needed as the years go on.

We have an election next May and I hope all those who read this take good notice of what our would-be members of Parliament are going to do for England and we must vote accordingly.

Anne Wrangham,

by email