Time to sort out housing crisis

ISN’T it about time the Government sorted out our broken housing market in Northumberland? As the National Housing Federation has been highlighting this week, there are thousands of families in the county being forced to wait years for social housing.

Most people simply can’t afford a 25 per cent mortgage deposit or to get a mortgage at all for the very high house prices we see in most areas. Renting from private landlords is expensive and is predicted to rise between 15 per cent and 20 per cent over the next five years.

This all means that too many families are suffering the hardship of overcrowding. Some are even being forced to live apart.

Isos, one of the region’s biggest social landlords, we are doing our best to make a difference. We own 12,000 affordable homes in the region and last year we built another 206 desperately needed new homes.

We build in urban areas across Tyneside as well as rural areas like in Corbridge, Falstone near Kielder, Lesbury near Alnwick and Beadnell on the north Northumberland coast.

Yet we, and other housing associations like us, know it’s nowhere near enough.

Every day we see the damaging impacts of housing shortage on families and single people across the region who need an affordable place to live.

So we’re supporting the National Housing Federation’s call for the Government to look again at how affordable housing is funded, and help ensure many more new homes are built for those who need a home to rent or buy.

From struggling inner-city neighbourhoods to families being forced out of the countryside, we believe this will really help our hard-pressed communities as well as create more jobs in construction.

Keith Loraine,

Chief Executive,

Isos Housing