Time to respond to the ‘Yes lot’

I HAVE contained myself for the last month and listened, watched and read and got more and more dismayed at the nasty attacks from the yes lot.

The Liberals have shown themselves publically to be keen to canvas on personal attacks, sometimes downright lies, but it is the first time it has been so public and open.

They entered into a collaboration with the Conservatives and have shown themselves to be very disloyal.

I am not declaring my own intention this time and nowadays I am not a member of any political party, but in the past I used to ask in great difficulties wouldn’t we be better off with the Parliament working together?

I felt that was particularly true in 1945 and with the huge financial straights now. AV could be made to work but the debate is not helped by the attitude that the people are stupid.

The Yes campaign has not set out to explain what it is. Only the No has given proper explanations, which the Yes say are inaccurate.

I fear that many people are going to ignore the whole thing, which will give a very wrong result.

So the whole fiasco is going to cost us £92billion of much needed money – think of the Duchess’s school – for nothing.

Anne Wrangham,

By email