Time to halt greedy claims

Now, I have no love for the banks and the way they have affected us, as individuals and the country as a whole.

As such I believe they should pay for any miss-selling, this is a small penalty for the havoc they have caused globally.

However, I dislike even more the greedy claims companies encouraging people to submit compensation claims that are often false.

At one time an act of miss-selling resulted in the business itself being prosecuted but now everyone wants to get in on the act with the party that originally had no involvement or loss looking for the biggest rewards (the claims company).

Is it not time that the claims company themselves should investigate and validate a claim before it is submitted to the bank, financial institution or business and if the claim is found to be false the claims company should expect to be charged for wasting time, say to the value of £100 on each invalid claim.

I am sure claims companies will find other areas to benefit from and continue to annoy me with cold calling and recorded messages but why make life easy for them?

Peter Harris,