Time to get the town moving

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I am so pleased to hear about the passing of building plans for Wetherspoon’s and Aldi in Alnwick.

I hope this is the beginning of a new wave of developments which would show that at last our planning officers are actually listening to the people of Alnwick.

There is absolutely no point in watching a building crumble away, or a site be left derelict, which could otherwise be in use and increase our town’s appeal and vibrancy.

With this in mind, it is time to look seriously at the other sites we have, which need development and use quickly.

These are: The empty shops next to Wilkinson and Store 21, which should surely be let out for free rather than still be empty, and the eyesore building development on the opposite corner to Morrisons, which does nothing for our tourism industry, I’m sure.

Come on, give Alnwick a chance. Get these sites sorted and let’s entice new business to Alnwick. We could and should rival Morpeth as a shopping destination but currently lag far, far behind.

Mr Johnston,