Time to fight

THE ‘Arab Spring’ is all due to some very courageous rebels in some countries in the Middle East ridding themselves of their nasty tin-pot dictators.

There is one country, though, which has for years been existing under an insidious dictatorship.

Isn’t it about time we all took heart from these courageous Middle Eastern rebels and have our own ‘British Winter’?

We should all march in a very decisive way, protesting loudly on Brussels and Strasbourg to try to make a really good effort to get rid of these very nasty little dictators, who are constantly wasting all our money and dictating over our law.

As our very own MEPs at Westminster believe in jumping on the Euro gravy train and certainly not standing up and fighting for the British people, it’s high time we took matters into our hands.

Sheena Campbell,

St Aidans,