Time to bring back parking

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MAY I offer my opinion on what could have been a horrendous incident ie the car crash in the square during the Music Festival.

Like your editor, if this had happened 24 hours earlier I could not have been typing this to you, I was standing in that exact spot where the car is in your photograph.

I agree with a lot your editor has said on the front page of the Gazette. I can remember the days where parking was allowed legally in the Market Place. In my opinion the time has now come to return to a Market Place where cars can park legally. It works in a lot of market towns, why not here?

If this was properly regulated as previously with payment meters why does this cause a problem?

On days such as Thursday/Friday and festival time, it’s obvious you use retractable bollards why is this so difficult? Again this works perfectly well in other market towns in the country.

Our new shops, etc, are nearly ready for opening it is not rocket science to see what will happen if we do not have additional parking space. How long will it be before Morrison’s start using clamps for real? Or again another near miss, it is an accident waiting to happen.

So come on county council, what is the problem? I know that we of Alnwick are asking the same question and not getting any answer.

Gordon Rutherford

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