There was life before Garden

Judging by the letter from CS Blease in the Gazette, July 18, I presume they have never traded in Alnwick pre -Garden days.

The centre of the town was vibrant because the visitors parked in the Greenwell car park and walked, either to or from the Castle, down Bow Alley or Narrowgate, which encouraged them to peruse the rest of the town.

Sadly now the Garden car park is out of town and once inside, the entrance fee and shops leave little incentive to spend more money on parking in the town.

However, if parking was free, as in the south of the county, the town centre could become busy once again.

Add in the fact that many local people shop at the free parking sites on the edge of town too.

So, no, it is not fair.

Trading in this economic climate is not easy for all sizes of business.

Free parking in the town centre would certainly help.

Tina Meikle,

Front Street,