There is no north-south divide here

FROM the south east corner of the county we look on in awe at the Conservatives take on recent history at the county council budget meetings.

We have had Peter Jackson, the leader of the group, at County Hall berating the budget for providing £18m to the dilapidated sports centre and swimming pool in Ashington. At the budget meeting I heard with incredulity Coun Jackson talk about the £18m when all he had done was to mis-read the council papers. The biggest surprise was when this glaring error went uncorrected by senior officers and Liberal councillors on the executive.

Young people across Wansbeck were rejoicing in updated leisure facilities, when the actual wording in the budget indicated the funding was merely an aspiration for this bankrupt authority.

This error was righted in Wansbeck but it appears that even Mr Loughenbury, the secretary of the Conservatives wants to repeat the error, working possibly on the assumption that to repeat a lie often enough will oblige readers to believe it. (Readers Letters, April 7, 2011).

We even have Coun Jackson attacking the decision by council to increase burial charges – that at least is true. What the councillor fails to tell your readers is that he, Coun Jackson and his merry crowd actually refused to oppose such measures and sat on their hands and abstained from voting leaving the Labour members alone to oppose the rise in charges and other cuts.

I will give you one simple fact, from the budget. £180,000 sent from the Government to help in an initiative in the Blyth Cowpen Quay area was diverted from area and given to Berwick.

Now we do not mind supporting the rest of the county – we realise that funding council services in the rural areas is vastly more expensive- what we do not appreciate is disingenuous political comments meant to stir up division between the two areas.

Coun Bob Watson

Seaton Valley Community Council