There is an alternative

I see in your letters section, Thursday, November 28, that Pauline Barnett of Eglingham was concerned about Alnwick Post Office.

Pauline, I want you to know that there is an alternative, Wagonway Road Post Office.

I have been using this Post Office for the five years I have been back in Alnwick. It is by far the best around for service and Garry Brown, who is in charge of the place, is probably one of the most helpful people I have experienced in my 43 years in business.

The only transaction I cannot do there, at present, is renew my car tax, but that’s only once or twice a year thing.

Use it or loose it, go to Wagonway Road Post Office and I am convinced you will continue to do so (there is also free parking).

Dryden Henderson BA MCSD FRSA

Allerburn Lea, Alnwick