The sun, the sea, the salt air ... and piles of poo

I’VE lived in Amble all my life and took for granted how lucky I am to have such easy access to a beach, harbour and pier until I recently started a fitness bootcamp based around the little shore area.

At 7am in the morning, when the sun comes out (occasionally), it is very picturesque and peaceful to watch the tide coming in and is a great motivation to get out of bed and do some exercise.

It’s a beautiful area for locals to spend time, for children to play and for tourists to experience but who wants to go and sit there on lovely new picnic tables and eat fish and chips surrounded by dog poo! It’s totally disgusting.

The pier is extremely bad as dogs seems to be attracted to the seats along there and whilst I’m using one of the seats to do push-ups, I’m looking straight down at and breathing in fumes from a dog foul.

This morning, I stood and watched from the pier as a dog went to the toilet right in the middle of the little shore whilst his owner continued obliviously ahead. I wished I’d had a camera with me and a zoom lens to catch them in the act.

A friend of mine from Tynemouth is always disappointed each summer when he can’t walk his dog along the beach due to the summer ban but I totally understand why this regulation has been brought in, due to the laziness and selfishness of some dog owners who are ruining our beaches.

There is simply no excuse.

H Shepherd,

Church Street,