The social cost of wind subsidies

I refer to the letter from your Callaly correspondent last week. I am sure CS Blease has the right sentiments, but they are supporting a totally failed and discredited attempt to create renewable energy via wind turbines.

Had they been following the arguments, they would know that last winter, from the Government’s own statistics, the 4,000-plus turbines that have been erected across the UK, but mainly in the north, produced just 0.1 per cent of the electricity the UK consumed.

That’s right, 0.1 per cent. That would mean that to achieve even just one per cent production, they would have to build over 40,000 more turbines.

This ‘eco’ hysteria has turned into an out-of-control, get-rich-quick monster that is committing more and more people into fuel poverty and sentencing more and more people to death as they can’t afford to both eat and warm themselves.

Fact. This has been the response from so many callers to local radio chat programmes right across the UK, as anyone who heard an intelligent working woman last week on Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 would confirm.

Like so many others, she was absolutely distraught and almost suicidal at the latest price hikes and was panicking that she would not be able to both eat and warm herself and child again this winter. It was pitiful to hear her, yet still the madness continues.

No one is counting the social cost of the wind subsidies being given to a few people who are growing very rich at everyone else’s expense. From the Government’s own statistics, last year they were given £2billion which came directly from our pockets in taxes and that does not include the massive price hikes on our bills on top of that.

Giving £2billion away for no tangible gain at a time the UK’s deficit is so high is economical suicide.

I just wish these people who profess to have an opinion would first consider and take notice of the massive cumulative and well-publicised evidence against wind power.

There has been so much other well-publicised evidence that has discredited the ‘global warming/climate change/now it’s global cooling’ scaremongers and the few people who are still pushing it, that numerous eminent and qualified people have written very comprehensive and enlightening books about it. Thankfully, these experts are now being heard and listened to as the scaremongers’ argument falls apart.

I was also amused by your correspondent making reference to ‘lifeless planets’ in the solar system. Are they really saying these ‘planets’ once hosted life as we know it and were wiped out by resident aliens flying around in planes, using cars, and busy factories?

Perhaps they should just go outside on a clear light and look at the stars millions of miles away and think of the absurdity of the discredited ‘green’ argument. Think about it.

Name and address supplied

Turbine blight

The letter from the holidaymaker from Northants (Gazette, October 10) about the blight on the landscape of 28 giant wind turbines on our beautiful coastline says it all.

If the planners, local councils, National Trust and NCC do not take notice of the gross destruction of our tourist industry then we might as well give up and become a second-rate electricity supply for the rest of the country.

Irate and concerned, Thropton