The rural north also has free parking

I REALLY would like to recommend Guyzance Hall to your readers as an ideal wedding venue.

My son, Marc, who hails from East Sleekburn, Bedlington was married to Rebecca Coombe of Grimsby on June 18. Both live in the West Midlands but after trawling the internet and having a wish to be married in Northumberland chose the wonderful setting of Guyzance.

I know they would both wish to thank Janette, the wedding planner for overseeing all the excellent arrangements.

Friends and relatives travelled from all over England, Wales and some even from North America. With the opportunity to stay for a long weekend many chose to venture out and explore the wonderful countryside, villages and towns. This surely brought about additional revenue to the area.

Personally I visited Rothbury, Warkworth and Amble and was surprised to find there were no parking charges in the shopping areas. I say surprised for being a regular reader of your paper I was under the impression that there was only free parking in the South East of Northumberland. This is clearly not true.

What I would say is we should all oppose car parking charges throughout the county. If we wish to attract visitors and locals to shop and spend there should be no differences but please, stop this nonsense about only one part of the county having free parking. It is simply not true.

Alex Wallace

Havelock Crescent

East Sleekburn


Editor’s comment – the county council levies a charge for parking in the former Alnwick District, Berwick Borough, Castle Morpeth and Tynedale council areas, but not in Blyth Valley or Wansbeck. Of course, some smaller communities have free spaces, but the likes of Alnwick and other market towns are still subject to charges while those in the south east are not. This is a fact.