The original? No such luck

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I don’t agree with your writer of August 1 that Holy Island is lucky to be allowed to exhibit the facsimile of the Lindisfarne Gospels – but I think it is an insult.

There must be several such copies.

The Gospels were written in the monastery on Holy Island, where there were many so involved with the production.

Then the Gospels were carried down to Durham when the Vikings attacked Lindisfarne.

There, the same monks built the new cathedral to hold the Gospels and the body of Saint Cuthbert.

The rightful owners should be the island but, of course, there is no security there and they were taken south to London which has robbed us of many of our treasures for centuries.

The original should at least be displayed at the museum in Alnwick now it has been modernised and finally rest for ever in Durham.

We should not be reckoned to be pleased to be so thinly honoured.

Anne Wrangham,

By email