The only Nimby around here is parish council

WHAT is upsetting about Craster Parish Council’s support of the new barns and caravan at Dunstan Steads is that we feel that its stance is out of line with that of the people it is representing, as well as being out of line with planning development policy.

Craster Parish Council has no mandate to represent us.

It hasn’t had a contested election in living memory; councillors don’t live anywhere near the affected area nor even visit it, and they are completely out of touch with planning policy and law, not to mention having a naïve view of both modern agriculture and property developers.

The reason we are objecting to this planning proposal is that the new landowner has a track record of extensive property development in Ireland and Scotland and it is clear to everyone (except Craster Parish Council) that this planning application is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and that he is manipulating the system to apply again for building permission for a house (an aspiration the applicant has publically admitted to) in an area which is highly protected from inappropriate development by planning guidance and legislation.

We do understand Craster’s concern for local jobs but the farm development will only provide one job, probably for the landowner himself, but the adverse impact on the local environment, tourism jobs and residents will be considerable. Thankfully, the ultimate planning decision will not be taken by a kangaroo court full of barrack-room lawyers with less mandate from the electorate than Mugabe or Gaddafi.

Monica Cornall,

Dunstan Steads