The hunt for a missing chapter

I received from Neil Sharp at Greyfield Estate in Embleton the letters page, from the issue of October 3, 2013, because of the section headed Theatre and a letter headed ‘Long may you continue’ from Rosalee Cook-Jury.

Mr Sharp often sends me news from your area because I wrote a biography of WT Stead titled Maiden Tribute: A Life of WT Stead, published in 2007 by Exlibris, and he keeps me updated regarding events concerning WT Stead.

She mentioned a showing of a play concerned with Stead and said she had just read Benita Brown’s book, The Promise, with an explanation chapter on his true life story at the back of her book. Mr Sharp and I are very desirous of purchasing the book, which he found out of print at the local bookshops.

We can generally purchase anything on the internet, and I ordered a copy of The Promise for Mr Sharp and one for myself, alas the Stead chapter at the back is missing from our copies and was never printed.

Does anyone know the publishing facts so that I can find if that particular copy is available on the internet or from rare-book stores. I need the exact name of the publisher and editor (if any) plus the publisher’s address (in case it’s unusual) and the date of publications of that particular issue.

Grace Eckley,

636 Ridgeside Drive,


CO 80401, USA