The folks back at home remain serial complainers

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UNFORTUNATELY, I was back in my home town of Alnwick for a family bereavement recently.

What I discovered was the same old Alnwick I left more than 27 years ago – a lot of people complaining about a lot of things and living in the past.

One of the main concerns was the Market Place parking. When I left all those years ago, maybe one family in seven had a car, now it is probably close to one in two.

The infrastructure of Alnwick cannot change and now you have three times the amount of cars.

Adding about 30 car spaces in the Market Place is NOT the answer – although may be part of it.

Maybe building a multi-storey car park by the Playhouse would help and it could be done.

Then there would be the complaints about it looking like a monstrosity, like those I heard about the new building that replaced the dilapidated eyesore of Jennings Garage and the Bird and Bush – more complaints!

Yet I think it has tidied up that area so now the bus company can maybe clean up the bus station a bit too.

Another complaint was the price of petrol because of no competition since Fewsters closed.

I failed to see why someone could not have had the foresight in invest in a petrol station to add the competition as they are moneymakers.

I see the Duke has had the sense to see that and is building one.

Complaints were flying about the Duke too. The Garden has added to the traffic congestion/parking and all he is interested in is making money for himself and it has not helped Alnwick.

Well, it has.

I was talking to someone recently and when I told them where I was from, he said, oh that is where the Garden and Treehouse are.

I would say he and the Duchess have had the vision to try to move Alnwick forward with their ventures.

I could go on about all the other issues, but I would be here all day.

In a nutshell, I find that the people love the hobby of complaining, in fact it is a way of life and will never change. Just the way they like it.

Keith Gilbert

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