The fight goes on

I WAS very proud of the people of Embleton and visitors to the area who turned out in support of the objection to the proposed intensive calf-rearing operation at Dunstan Steads.

Sadly things went against us on the night.

I was unhappy to note that the chairman of the proceedings was of a farming background, as was, I believe, the gentleman who voted to support the application and the gentleman who seconded it. Meeting dynamics took over after that.

Not that I’m against farmers. In fact I’m a huge admirer of the good ones who help this area to be as attractive and productive as it is. It’s just that influential representation of the tourist industry and heritage seemed thin on the ground just when it was needed.

I was also very unhappy that the chairman referred to intimidation by the public when I observed that supporters did nothing more than gently applaud the ward councillor’s speech.

For us the matter is not at an end, however. Our unique AONB is too precious for us to give up without a battle. Accordingly we are taking legal advice in respect of a number of perceived irregularities in the process.

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