The Braid mustn’t be a permanent car park

I feel I must write regarding the parking on the Braid in Amble over the bank holiday weekend with total disregard to the nearby residents, the people who walk their dogs, the people who just walk on the area, the people who enjoy the national cycle track and other people who just enjoy doing various things unhindered in a natural and unspoilt area.

The Business Club, Amble Development Trust and Northumberland County Council deemed that due to the Lifeboat Festival in the harbour that overspill car parking could be on the Braid.

Residents have accepted that on the occasion of the Puffin Festival, but the parking did not go up as far as the footbridge.

The town council had the overflow parking for the Puffin Festival along the fence of the Marina and no parking was allowed anywhere near the footbridge.

So I have to ask the question, why on the Sunday morning at approximately 9.54am before the shops were even open, were there cars parked on the Braid directly in front of the footbridge? Allegedly a couple of them had been there since 8.30am

So what is the definition of overflow parking?

This seems to my observation, and a lot of other people’s, that this is an attempt to try to make the Braid into a car park.

This is not fair at all on the residents and the people of Amble, who should have quiet enjoyment of the area.

Parking is a major problem in this town and will not be sorted until a car park is specifically designated and built for the town.

This will not be accepted by the majority of people I have spoken to in Amble. It is their area, not a car park as a temporary solution to a one-off fête, etc.

People do understand, but if this is a ploy to find a way of turning this into a permanent car park, no way.

Eileen Williams,

West Court,