Thanks from the heart

Councillors Gordon Castle and Heather Cairns.
Councillors Gordon Castle and Heather Cairns.

I am writing from the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, three weeks after the serious accident on my motorcycle involving another car near South Charlton.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for all the messages of support I have received from scores of well-wishers who have either visited me, written home or posted in the Northumberland Gazette or on Facebook.

Owing to physical limitations, I have not acknowledged everyone, but I hope this letter is enough to convey my humbleness, pleasure and gratitude that so many from all quarters have expressed concern and enquired after me with kind words.

Dramatic improvements have occurred in most areas and now only a couple of weeks may be needed before I can be released and then gradually resume my suddenly interrupted life in local affairs.

I could not wish to impose suffering like this on anyone else, but I must concede that one unexpected character-forming benefit has been the strengthening of links with many.

I thank all those involved, from the on-scene attendees and helicopter crew, to the hospital staff who have confirmed my long-standing belief in the NHS as a world-class deliverer of personal care in extreme distress. I must also record my gratitude to my wife, family and close friends at work for their unstinting support and advice, much of which was up against my initial headstrong resistance, but which now ensures that I can begin to resume my life, hopefully much as before.

Gordon Castle,

County councillor, Alnwick