Thanks, but this is not an Amish utopia

I’m sure CS Blease (Gazette Letters, August 30) would prefer Northumberland to be some sort of Amish utopia where everyone trundled along on a horse and cart and noisy scary motor cars were just things one encountered ‘down South.’

Meanwhile, back in the real world, people need to commute. Many of us have to travel back and forth to places like Newcastle and Edinburgh every day.

With the cost of living going through the roof, people are leading increasingly busy lives and need a dual carriageway road to get from A to B and back again without spending half their day stuck behind slow-moving vehicles going 40mph.

Also, how can we expect to attract desperately-needed new business to our region with such inadequate infrastructure?

As for the safety issue, surely a dual carriageway would alleviate the risk of accidents caused by people pulling dangerous over-taking manoeuvres on the current single carriageway?

A Heathcote,
Chevington Green,