THANK YOU: My saviour by the roadside

I am writing to thank the fantastic woman who stopped to help when I had car trouble last week.

On Thursday evening, I was driving home up the A1 at about 7pm, when a loud rattle and scraping told me my exhaust had fallen off.

I pulled over and no sooner had I got out of the car and had a brief look at the exhaust still hanging from the back, than a car stopped behind me.

Luckily for me, the dog club was about to start and a woman who knew about cars (‘enough to get by’) was passing.

After producing a dog bed to lie on and a varied box of tools, she asked if she could cut the rubber bit holding my now-useless exhaust on to the car. One pen-knife later, I was on my way.

Despite my reassurance that calling someone to get me and/or the AA was an option, she was not to be deterred and saved me a cold, wet wait in a layby as well as the AA man some work.

So, thank you Avril Bryson, of Dog Club.

Helen Burn,