TESCO: The voice of the people counts

Artists impressions of plans by Northumberland Estates for a Tesco on The Braid, Amble..
Artists impressions of plans by Northumberland Estates for a Tesco on The Braid, Amble..

Once again, everybody has reared their heads regarding the Tesco site, Amble. They are off again trying to think about what is going to happen to it now it is a piece of land just sitting there.

How come now that Tesco has said it is not coming, definitely, has Mr Beith and the Liberals shown interest? Could it be there is an election coming up? You showed no interest at all when residents of North Street/Northview/Rivergreen were fighting against this store in the first place. You gave no support to the residents when they were left for seven years with derelict buildings, devaluing their property, anti-social behaviour, drinking, drug abuse, urinating on their doors and I could go on, you gave them no support then, so why now that the site has been cleared does everybody think they should step in and ask what is going on?

The original plan of the store was in the wrong place. If anybody had listened to the residents concerned they would have known it was way too close to the properties, which I might add they bought and paid for with the presumption that they could live there in ‘quiet enjoyment of their property’.

No, somebody had the bright idea to put a Tesco there. Did they ask the residents or was that too much trouble? The residents made it clear they did not want it, but who stood up for them, certainly not you Mr Beith nor any of the Liberals. These people were left suffering, being made to feel a nuisance for reporting the behaviour going on and so forth.

Seven years of that going on is very stressful. I have to ask, who that was supporting it would have had it next to their property? Not many, I bet.

This store should have been put on the enterprise park or the site by the roundabout, not splat in the middle of the town.

I can hear people saying it is a prime site and I suspect the solution will be to try to lease the land to put a car park there – again ask the residents, they have enough problems at the moment with people parking on the yellow lines outside their properties, some leaving the engine running, belching fumes into their houses. Is this fair? Have you, or are you tackling this issue also Mr Beith?

Please ask the residents, it is not fair on them to have decisions made. They have to be consulted and their wishes respected.

To put a car park on that site is only delaying the inevitable. Amble needs a car park and that should be sorted, not just using delay tactics for a couple of years.

I ask all the members of the county council, town council and Parliament, would you like this outside your home?

I bet you would have kicked up if this store had been suggested outside your home. Well it isn’t coming and I am sorry for the people who were given the hope that this would have created jobs, but these people had already purchased their properties. When you go home of an evening, the residents are left with the consequences of your judgement, always remember that.

The voice of the people does count and should be listened to. Let’s face it, Tesco was being welcomed partly because it brought a car park and this solved the parking problem on Queen Street.

E Williams,

Amble and Warkworth Conservative Association