Taxpayers foot the bill again

County Hall, Morpeth.
County Hall, Morpeth.
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I have read most of the published data re the possible sale of County Hall in Morpeth.

It really is an old building and I am not surprised that it costs nearly half-a-million pounds a year to provide the necessary energy.

It’s some time since I was there, but it’s probably still got its original heating system and I doubt if it’s even double-glazed throughout.

Apparently it needs £10million to bring it up-to-date.

It looks as though it’s been neglected during its life. What was the council doing then?

Will it sell? I doubt if there is much demand for a large, old office block.

That’s probably why they are even thinking of the possibility of housing development.

I wish them well, if only because we taxpayers foot all the bills. As we have to.

Ray Farnsworth,