Taxpayers foot the bill

HAS David Cameron found a novel way of repaying our trillion-pound debt?

First of all, you continue to play ‘Lady Bountiful’ and pay thousands (of taxpayers’ money) in aid to Africa and India, even though India doesn’t want it and has no need of it.

Then you bail out Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain (ordered by the Brussels bullies).

We’re not even in the euro zone so why should Britain save the euro? And please tell me, is there any country willing to bail out Britain?

Taxpayers’ money is also helping to pay for a new beach-front hotel in Morocco, a loo-roll factory in Mexico, wine making in Moldova and the tree planting in the Solomon Islands.

Also, due to ‘We’re in this together’ cuts (that’ll be just the British taxpayer again), we now have practically no defence and could certainly not muster anything if there was another Falklands War.

Bravo, good thinking David.

Tell me what great sin is the British taxpayer guilty of to deserve so many clowns.

In days of yore, kings and queens used to be in charge.

I certainly think we would be better off with present monarch. (She has to be au fait with politics, even now).

Sheena Campbell,

St Aidans,