TANTRUMS: Shop has the right attitude

Last Friday, my two-year-old child threw a minor tantrum in Carr’s of Longframlington – the best local shop in the world.

I let her lie among the fresh vegetables until she calmed down.

I wasn’t stressed out by the situation, I just told her it wasn’t nice to shout in Mr Carr’s shop.

Then a nice lady sold her a banana.

When I apologised, Mr Carr said: “We’ve seen worse, pet, trust me.”

We both left the shop happy, calm and wanting to go back.

It’s hard shopping with a crazy little creature who can’t control their emotions.

When a toddler has a tantrum, most times it’s because their parent won’t give in to every demand.

They’re not ‘uncontrollable’, they are just learning where the boundaries are, and they need to be taught that when they’re little, in public, in their community.

John Lewis has a lot to learn from David Carr. Thank you.

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