Take heed before it is too late

The recent special events have shown the tremendous place that the Queen holds in the minds of all peoples of our great nation as she is the greatest healing and uniting element on bringing us all together.

The pageant on the Thames welcomed all who travelled to line its banks, regardless of faith, colour, political persuasion, age or class.

The police oversaw the safety of the large numbers of families without being intrusive and the unity of the country was there for the world to see on their television screens.

However this is not true of London 2012 which is becoming disturbingly divisive, the very thing we all feared when London tried for this worldwide event. In the start the committee said the whole thing would be for the country and events would be held countrywide then citing places like St James Park but they then refused to use places like Bisley for shooting or Badminton or Burley for the horses and in the first event they insisted on building for shooting in Hyde Park something at great expense which is only temporary and an area that is not regarded as adequate for the eventing.

Next is the sale of the tickets which were oversubscribed but now are being offered as prizes to customers of private firms. They also have been very unkind to likely medal winners on family attendance at events to our gold-medal holders of previous Olympics.

Next the nation is horrified at there being hundreds of torches being offered on E-Bay and people like old man Bonnington taking the torch by train to the top of Snowdon instead of having our worldwide present-day young mountaineers taking the thing up properly

I can’t help remembering the 1948 event where the torch entered the stadium in the hands of a then unknown young teenager by the name of Roger Bannister. I thought this run round Britain was to inspire for the future not has-beens. Next it has been recorded in the news that little old ladies using the Olympic emblem on cakes and things have been bullied by Trading Standards as the emblem is said to be the property of the London Olympic Committee so the event is not ours but theirs.

We now have the Olympic Association taking Taekwondo and the Fencing Associations of Britain to court as they are not including the world champions.

It seems that London 2012 is now regarded like our football events as being badly behaved and very divisive.

It is probably too late but wake up London and start bringing all the rest of Britain in before it is too late

Anne Wrangham

by email